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How to auto generate the next customer id field in Dynamics GP?

Is there a way to have Dynamics GP automatically setup the next Customer ID?

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Say your last customer ID was CS0022, you want the next Customer ID to be CS0023. With Auto Number Genie you can automatically populate the next customer ID.




Auto Number Genie (ANG) allows you to have the system generate ID numbers on the following windows for their corresponding Master Record Types:

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Sales Prospect Maintenance
  • Salesperson Maintenance
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Item Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance

A separate numbering scheme can be established for each Master Record Type using ANG setup. ANG can also be de-activated for specific Master Record Types.

For more information download the Auto Number Genie manual Using Auto Number Genie.

How to prevent selling items to a customer in Dynamics GP

How do you prevent selling an inventory item that is for a specific customer in Dynamics GP?  If you have an inventory item that is just for one customer or a class of customers how do you prevent selling that item to any customer?

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You always have the option of creating special price list but this can quickly become a pricing nightmare to manage.



SOP Restricted Items Genie provides a much more straight forward functionality to manage customer specific inventory. You simply list what items (or Item Class) are for what customer (or customer Class), no need for special price lists.


SOP Restricted Items Genie Advantages:

  • Enforce product sale authorization by customer or customer class
  • Use of multiple Price Levels not required
  • Ease of maintenance
  • No workarounds, strictly enforced

SOP Restricted Items Genie works in the background of the Sales Transaction Entry window. When a user enters an item number on a sales line, RIG checks the authorization list in the following manner:

  • If the item is absent from the RIG list:
    • It is ignored and standard GP handles the completion of the Sales Transaction
  • If the item is present in the RIG list:
    • When the customer is assigned the item in RIG then the Sales Transaction is allowed to continue in GP
    • When the customer is not assigned the item in RIG then entry of the item is prevented on the Sales Transaction
  • If the item belongs to an item class that is in the RIG list:
    • Customers assigned the item class are allowed to continue
    • Customers assigned the specific item are allowed to continue
    • Customers not assigned the item or item class in RIG are prevented from purchasing the item
  • Customer Classes
    • Customer classes can be used instead of specific customer IDs. The same rules are followed for enforcing item id and item class sales.

For more information download the SOP Restricted Item Genie manual SOP Restricted Items Genie