Dynamics GP Item History

SOP Item History Genie- $995.00

Do your order entry personnel wish they could easily look up the sales history of an item for a customer while entering an order?  SOP Item History Genie can be activated with a “hot-key” combination while a user is on the sales line.  It will pop up a window showing the sales history, including prices, for that item/customer combination.

SOP Item History Genie (IHG) allows the user to query sales line history at the time of order entry. When a user is entering the sales line they can use the hotkey combination of “Ctrl+H” to open the sales history of the line item they are currently on. The IHG window will open and display the invoice history of that item and customer.

The information displayed is completely configurable so that you can display the data that is relevant to your business process. IHG provides an important sales tool that is easy to use, fast, and provides information that:

  • Improves pricing accuracy
  • Adds the potential for up selling
  • Supplies pertinent data at the right time


Once IHG is open, the user can enter other Customer IDs or Item Numbers to query, or simply close it and continue with the order.

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Download our manual for more detailed informationSOP Item History Genie Manual