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Over the years dynamicsGenie has provided specific customizations to Dynamics GP.  The following wishes have been developed and are in use at our clients, providing valuable time-saving enhancements.

SOP Restricted Items Genie – $1,995.00

Have you wished that you could restrict specific items from being sold to different customers, but your customers share price levels?

As an add-in for the Sales Transaction Window, SOP Restricted Items Genie will check the authorized selling list when a user tabs off the Item Number field.  If the Item is not restricted for that customer, the Item is accepted and behaves as normal.  If the customer is not authorized, then the user is alerted of the condition and the line is eliminated.  Restricted Item Genie

Auto Number Genie – $995.00

The flexibility of ID numbering in Dynamics GP is nice, but do you ever wish the system would just generate the next customer number? 

Auto Number Genie allows you to configure numbering schemes for customers, prospects, vendors, items, employees, and salespersons.  It then works as an add-in that can be invoked by a “hot-key”.  Next time you add a customer, Auto Number Genie gives you the flexibility of still creating your own Customer ID or you can let Auto Number Genie grab the next available number. Auto Number Genie

SOP Item History Genie- $995.00

Do your order entry personnel wish they could easily look up the sales history of an item for a customer while entering an order? 

SOP Item History Genie can be activated with a “hot-key” combination while a user is on the sales line.  It will pop up a window showing the sales history, including prices, for that item/customer combination. SOP Item History Genie