Dynamics GP Restricted Items

SOP Restricted Items Genie $1,995

Do you need to restrict the sale of specific items to specific customers in Dynamics GP?

Do you have an item class that can only be sold to specific customers or customer classes in Dynamics GP?

What would happen if you sold the wrong product to the wrong customer in Dynamics GP?

Restricted Items Genie for Dynamics GP prevents the sale of unauthorized items to customers.  When entering a sales transaction, Restricted Items Genie checks the authorized sales list for the customer and customer class.  If the item you are trying to sell is restricted for that customer Restricted Items Genie will inform you of the issue and remove the item from the order.  Simple, fast, and effective.

There really is no way to absolutely accomplish this in standard Dynamics GP, but you could try and maintain redundant price lists for each customer.  The problem is there is no way to use item classes with price lists.  We all know what a headache it is to maintain a bunch of price lists!

Restricted Items Genie allows you to easily set up authorized sales relationships through one simple window.  If an item is not on a list, no problem, anyone can purchase it.  If an item or item class is on the list, then only the associated customer or customer class can purchase it.  Price lists are not interfered with and are used as designed, to manage pricing.  With Restricted Items Genie you can use combinations of:

  • Customer to Item
  • Customer to Item Class
  • Customer Class to Item
  • Customer Class to Item Class


SOP Restricted Items Genie can prevent costly sales mistakes resulting in returns and increase your customer service by avoiding that difficult discussion with your customer.  It only takes one mistake to justify Restricted Items Genie.  Contact us today for more information on how to get your free trial.

Download our manual for more detailed information…SOP Restricted Items Genie Manual