Auto Number Customer Maintenance IDs in Dynamics GP

Over the years I get this question at almost all clients, “can Dynamics GP auto create Customer Maintenance IDs?  We developed Auto Number Genie to provide this feature for our many customers.

With Auto Number Genie you Setup the next Customer ID numbering logic and you are all set to go:

Auto Number Genie Setup Customer ID

Auto Number Genie (ANG) allows you to have the system generate ID numbers on the following windows for their corresponding Master Record Types:

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Sales Prospect Maintenance
  • Salesperson Maintenance
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Item Maintenance
  • Employee Maintenance

A separate numbering scheme can be established for each Master Record Type using ANG setup. ANG can also be de-activated for specific Master Record Types.

For more information download the Auto Number Genie manual – Auto Number Genie